Special Guest Rodney Mullen

We are very excited to announce that freestyle phenomenon Rodney Mullen will be joining us on Sunday, May 21st as we watch the top pro’s in the world compete for $10,000 in Prize Money. Rodney is no stranger to freestyle contests, he won his first world championship at the age of 14; over the following…

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Wearing Another Man’s Shoes

This past Christmas I received a very special gift from my wife Cheryl, a pair of hand painted Vans Slip-On Shoes with the Old Route 66 motif on them. WOW, I was totally blown away! When I called Cody Cameron, the gifted artist who creates these one-of-a-kind shoes, to thank him, he said that he…

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Stepping Out Of The Mold

If you were to stop the common man on the street and ask him to describe skateboarders, he might say that they were a bunch of thoughtless individuals terrorizing the streets. Although that may be true in some cases, it is hardly the case with Andy Anderson, a local White Rock 20 year old who…

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Presley Huska: 2017 Pro for a Day

Meet 9 year old Presley Huska a 4th grader from Brackendale, Squamish, B.C. who has been chosen as this years Pro for A Day. Have you ever dreamed that you were a Pro Skateboarder? Well, Presley dreams about it all the time, and at this years World Freestyle Round-Up his dream will come true. He…

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Kaelen Faux – Pro for a Day

There was a new feature added to the 2016 World Round-Up Freestyle Skateboard Championships called “Pro for a Day” where kids 10 years or younger can enter to be a special guest at the World Round-Up. As this special guest they get to hang out with all the competitors, have fun at the fair, and also do some freestyle demos for the crowds during the competition getting the feeling of being a true Pro.
6 ½ year old Kaelen Faux was the lucky kid who got to set the precedence of this new addition, and he made sure that everyone was stoked. Sponsored by Protest Movement, a company who believes in creating opportunities to assist in positive growth of our next generations, Kaelen was treated like a true Pro all weekend long. He left his home in Sunshine Valley, BC with nothing but smiles on his face and excitement in his voice and put on 2 solid performances for the audience each day of the competition. He was truly appreciated and respected by all competitors and lots of them took time to teach Kaelen some more awesome tricks. Finishing the weekend off with a fun day at the Fair, Kaelen had a blast playing games, riding ponies, winning prizes and even getting on some of those terrifying rides. He even got to ride the Tilt a Whirl with 13 year old Isamu Yamamoto from Japan who placed 2nd in the Pro division. It was a great time and a memorable experience for Kaelen Faux, one that we are sure he will never forget. Now the only question is: Do you want to be Pro for a Day??

Check out the recap video below of Kaelen Faux’s experience being “Pro for a Day”

Words By: Hippie Mike

The 2016 World Round-Up

The 5th year of The World Round-Up Freestyle Skateboarding Championships, hosted in Surrey, BC Canada by legends Kevin Harris and Monty Little, has come to a close. It was an amazing milestone to make it to year 5 and it was great to see so many of the faces of people who have been there every single year.
The Freestyle World is pretty tight considering how small it really is and how spread out around the globe everyone is, competitors came from 11 different countries, including Marius Constantin from Romania making his first trip to this Canadian contest. There were a bunch of new faces this year, everyone was stoked to be there and all competitors brought huge bags of flow and tech tricks to showcase all weekend long to keep each other, and all the crowds of spectators pumped up.
In the Amateur division local boy Andy Anderson was looking to repeat his win from last year, and with smooth style and perfectly executed choreographed to the music runs, he managed to pull through and somehow defeat the 2 young Brazilians Diego Pires and Kaue Araujo. Both of them came out with a vengeance to take the title and it was a close call between all 3. These guys are really good.
In the Pro division there was serious competition and a bunch of guys that hadn’t been to the round-up before which definitely makes it more interesting for those of us who have been to all 5 years and know the top guys and where they usually place. Young 13 year old Isamu Yamamoto from Japan was fresh off a 1st place finish in Pro at Big Rio and wanted to take his first 1st in Canada. He fearlessly led the competition all weekend and blew minds with all 3 of his runs in the semi-finals, but he slipped up a tiny bit in the finals which means a lot with the calibur of competitors that were skating. Dudes from Spain, England, Brazil, Japan, Sweden, Australia, Germany and more flying into Canada to win this thing and it was anyone’s game. The usual guys that are tough to beat were on their game like usual. Guenter Mokulys, Mike Osterman, Per Canguru, Stefan “Lillis” Akesson…. All legends of Freestyle, but this year belonged to American newcomer Connor Burke as he came out with his 2nd run in the finals and laid down a fast, furious and flawless performance beating out Isamu by 2 points. It was awesome!
The World Round-Up isn’t just about who wins the competition though, it’s really more about having fun and putting smiles on kid’s faces and this year it did just that. A new feature was added to the event called “Pro for a Day” where a kid under 10 gets to be included in the contest by hanging out with all the pros all weekend and even performing demos for the crowds 2-3 times a day. This year the little dude was 6 year old Kaelen Faux from Sunshine Valley, British Columbia. He shredded for the crowd every time and totally progressed each day to the next. It was great to see him smiling and having fun living the life of a pro, watch for a video coming soon recapping Kaelen’s awesome experience being Pro for a Day. And be ready to promote it for anyone you think should try and be the Pro for a Day next year.
As the weekend wound down and the bones of all the competitors began to ache it was time to call it a day for the 5th annual World Round-Up. Once again everyone came out to have fun and that’s what they did. It’s a great family. Enjoy this recap video and feel like you were there

Words By: Hippie Mike

SKATE-4-FUN After Party

Talk about your Red Letter Day! The last day of the World Freestyle Round-Up is always about just having fun, from holding the exciting speciality events, to watching the insane antics in the WORST TRICK Contest. Although the contest officially ends at 5 p.m. everyone, both staff and contestants, help to break-down the site. What…

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Final Results

1. Andy Anderson – 280 – Canada 1. Connor Burke – 283 – USA
2. Diego Pires Afonso – 263 – Brazil 2. Isamu Yamamoto – 281 – Japan
3. Kaue Araujo – 260 – Brazil 3. Mike Osterman – 270 – USA
4. Marcio Torres – 253 – Brazil 4. Guenter Mokulys – 263 – Germany
5. Dillanger Kane – 244 – Canada 5. Tony Gale – 262 – England
6. Derek Elliott – 237 – USA 6. Stefan “Lillis” Akesson – 261 – Sweden
7. Josh Dunstone – 223 – Australia 7. Ryan Brynelson – 260 – Canada
8. Eduardo Bandeira – 222 – Brazil 8. Christian Heise – 256 / 246 – Germany
9. Riley Allen – 220 – Canada 9. Matheus Navarro – 256 / 245 – Brazil
10. Brandon Ross – 218 – USA 10. Per Canguru – 249 – Brazil
11. Kristopher Abramovic – 212 – Canada 11. Lucio de Lima – 248 / 243 – Brazil
12. Daniel Trujillo – 199 – USA 12. Jacob Whitt – 248 / 227 – USA
13. Ben Farquhar – 197 – USA 13. Marius Constantin – 246 – Romania
14. Chadd Sinclair – 186 – Canada 14. Takashi Suzuki – 245 – Japan
15. Alex Foster – 185 – England 15. Felix Jonsson – 244 – Sweden
16. A.J. Kohn – 230 – USA
17. Bert Mathieson – 226 – USA
18. Dan Garb – 225 – USA
19. Pete Betti – 221 – USA
20. Denham Hill – 199 – England
NOTE: Ties were broken by using the 2nd
highest scoring runs.
NOTE: There were not enough skaters registered
the event this year.

Guenter Mokulys – 25 – Germany Derek Elliott – USA
Russ Howell – 24 1/2 – USA BEST HANDSTAND TRICK
Kevin Harris – 24 – Canada Marcio Torres – Brazil
Felix Jonsson and Stefan Akesson Matheus Navarro – Brazil
Andy Anderson – Canada A.J. Khon – USA

2016 Winners at The World Round-Up Freestyle Skateboard Championship

Another amazing event at the 5th annual World Round-Up where Freestyle skateboarders from all around the globe show up in Canada to try to earn the title of “Best in the World” in either Amateur or Pro Division. 14 countries were represented and it looked like the competitors were all trying to take the title home with them. The Amateur division was super tight with 3 Brazilians and 2 Canadians in the Top 5 positions. Andy Anderson was defending his title from last year while Kaue Araujo was determined not to place 2nd for the 3rd straight year. All 5 of these guys laid down at least 1 flawless run in the finals but it came down to that hypnotic choreography that Andy puts in his runs along with some technical awesomeness and he luckily pulled through in first place for the second straight year.

In the Pro division the nerves were extra high this year, there were a few slip-ups but everyone was still amazing to watch and Mike Osterman really wanted to repeat his win from 2015. All eyes were on 13 year old Isamu Yamamoto who had owned the contest the first 2 days but stamina can be an issue in those young legs. The top 5 were all pretty even to judge but newcomer to this event Connor Burke from USA threw down a perfect, flawless and fast paced final run which overtook young Isamu for the win. Everyone was stoked!

Top 3 in each category were as follows:

Amateur Pro
1. Andy Anderson  1. Connor Burke
2. Diego Pires Afonso  2. Isamu Yamamoto
3. Kaue Araujo   3. Mike Osterman

Check out these winning runs from this year’s champions Andy Anderson and Connor Burke