Takashi Suzuki

From: Sizuoka, Japan
Division: Pro Division
Sponsored by: Powell-Peralta, Watcher
Age:  37
Skating:  11 years

The Japanese freestyle community have really made their mark here in Canada and wherever they touch down. One of those skaters is 37 year old Takashi Suzuki who’s stylish and innovative skating style turns heads whenever he steps on his board. Takashi says that one of his greatest influences has been the fluid skating style of Canadian freestyle skater Kevin Harris who he admires. A Bartender by night and Electronic Engineer by day Takashi is also a very accomplished Videographer who loves filming and editing skateboard footage. He has attended the past four World Round-Ups as a competitor but also captured all the action on film including this YouTube overview which he created of the 2012 World Round-Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puZ5ZvOyXt8

At the 2012 World Round-Up he and Mic Murayama were lucky enough to be approached by George Powell, of Powell & Peralta Skateboards, to represent Japan on a new freestyle team they were sponsoring. Then at the 2014 Round-Up he won the Henry Candioti SKATE-4-FUN Award which is presented to the skater who best embodies skating with style; after all, style is the essence of freestyle. Henry Candioti’s son Sebastian and Henry’s brother Alejandro flew all the way from Argentina to personally present this prestigious award to him.


2015 World Freestyle Round-Up: 11th Place Pro Division
2014 World Freestyle Round-Up: 9th Place Pro Division
2014 World Freestyle Round-Up: Henry Candioti Skate-4-Fun Award
2013 World Freestyle Round-Up: 11th Place Pro Division