Stefan Albert

From: Aidhausen, Germany
Division: Pro Division
Sponsored by: Powell-Peralta, Bones, Little-Wheels Skateshop
Age:  35 years
Skating:  22 years

I have been skating for over 20 years now but as a kid growing up in a small village that was nowhere near a skatepark and the nearest skateboarder lived in Schweinfurt 30 kilometres away, well lets just say it was a challenge to learn how to skateboard. There was no internet at the time and skateboard magazines and videos were hard to come by. Then I met freestyle legend Bernhard Kumpel and later Yoyo Schulz who set me in the direction of “Classical” freestyle skating. Don’t get me wrong I still love banks and small obstacles but I am not a adrenalin junkie, I prefer perfecting difficult flat land freestyle tricks and love long fluid combinations. Some of the skaters that have inspired me are Kevin Harris, Marc Johnson, Ronnie Creager, Brad McClain, Takashi Suzuki, Henry Candioti, Rene Shigueto, and Terry Synnott to mention a few. In 2015 I was very honoured to win the Henry Candioti SKATE-4-FUN Award which is given to the skater that best embodies skating with style, something Henry was famous for.
I love keeping fit, so I decided to make a living at it as a Sport and Fitness Trainer. Besides music and subculture, I love traveling and going to freestyle contests. It doesn’t matter to me if there big events like the World Freestyle Round-Up in Canada, which I have attended four times, or the smaller underground kind of events that are happening out there. Even if there are only 10 skaters at the event, the trips were worth it, as one always meets interesting new people and you see new skating styles and tricks.

Last year I hadn’t been skating much so I opted not to go to the World Round-Up, but then I realized that I just couldn’t miss out seeing all my friends again. I called Monty Little and asked if I could be on staff “sure” he said, “want to be a Judge?” Well, I accepted even though it can be rather nerve-wracking at times, but you do have the best seat in the house to watch the contest.


2015 World Freestyle Round-Up: Henry Candioti SKATE-4-Fun Award
2015 World Freestyle Round-Up: 17th Place Pro Division
2014 World Freestyle Round-Up: 15th Place Pro Division
2013 World Freestyle Round-Up: 16th Place Pro Division