Satoshi Kanagawa

Satoshi Kanagawa
From: Kanagawa, Yokohama, Japan
Division: Pro Division
Sponsored by: Blow Nuts, Customtruck
Age:  25
Skating:  9 years

Satoshi lives in a suburb of Yokohama, Japan that just happens to bears his last name “Kanagawa.” A graduate from Kanagawa University, Satoshi now works for the university creating advertisements for them and running their school newspaper. In his spare time he can be seen with his OMD-ED1 Olympus camera in hand taking photos of his friends and skateboarders. He had the opportunity to live in Australia for a year when he was 22, leaning English and working at a cafe to practice his English.

As a child he use to go surfing all the time, but was drawn to skateboarding and found that he enjoyed it more. He hasn’t surfed in a while as freestyle has become his real focus for creativity. Last year, life and work got so busy that Satoshi had to put skateboarding on hold for a while, but thanks to his friend Mitsuhiro Yasumoto he is skating again and practicing for the World Round-Up.


2015 All Japan Freestyle Championships: 4th Place Pro Division
2012 Murasaki Sports / Well Being Freestyle Contest: 6th Place Amateur Division
2011 LaLaport Tokyo-Bay Freestyle Contest: 6th Place Amateur Division