Riley Allen

From: Surrey, B.C., Canada
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by: Coastal Riders
Age:  18
Skating:  10 years

For me velocity is where its at. . . I love things that move. My parents used to say I would only ever build Lego if the project was something that had wheels. Since I found skateboarding almost ten years ago it has been a cross between an adrenaline rush and a science experiment to get it right. Our local skatepark has such a great crowd and I’m really lucky to have learned from one of the best and most patient guys around, Andy Anderson, who is also my Mentor. I’m also lucky that I’ve connected with Coastal Riders skate shop, helping new riders to learn and love skating as much as I do.

I am currently taking an online course from ‘Self Design’ and work as a set designer in the film industry. When I am not skating, I love to play my guitar and drive my car.

Competing again at this years World Round-Up is something I am stoked about. Being able to skate with talented skaters and legends from all over the world.


2016 Dario Jam: Best Trick
2016 Whistler Bowl Series: 1st Place
2016 White Rock Bowl Series: 3rd Place
2016 Seylynn Bowl Series: 5th Place
2016 World Freestyle Round-Up: 9th Place Amateur
2015 Summer Bowl Series: 2nd Place Amateur Advanced
2015 Hippie Mikes Super Tour: 4th Place Amateur
2015 Dario Jam: 2nd Place Amateur