Riley Allen

From: Surrey, B.C., Canada
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by: N/A
Age:  17
Skating:  9 years

For me velocity is where its at. . . I love things that move. My parents used to say I would only ever build Lego if the project was something that had wheels. Since I found skateboarding almost ten years ago it has been a cross between an adrenaline rush and a science experiment to get it right. Our local park has such a great crowd and I’m really lucky to have learned from one of the best and most patient guys in our neighbourhood; Andy Anderson. I’m also lucky that I’ve connected with Coastal Riders helping new riders in their shop and in our neighbourhood learn to love skating as much as I do. I am stoked to finally be competing at this years World Round-up, as we’ve been watching Andy compete the past three years.


2015 Summer Bowl Series: 2nd Place Amateur Advanced
2015 Hippie Mikes Super Tour: 4th Place Amateur
2015 Dario Jam: 2nd Place Amateur