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Top Amateur and Pro Freestyle skaters wishing to compete in the World Freestyle Round-Up must fill out the following Registration Form prior to the contest starting on May 18th, 2017. Please provide all the information requested when filling in the blanks as each item is important in helping us build your personal profile page. If this is your first year as a competitor at the World Round-Up, please attach a photo of yourself from the waist up, with a white background behind you. This will enable us to insert your countries flag behind your photo. It is also important to attach a current video of yourself skating freestyle. As the press and media will be reading the skaters profiles it is important that you take the time to tell your story in a way that would interest them. Click here for an example of how your profile should look.

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 Demo Competition 360 Spin Off Best Trick Best Handstand Trick Longest Coconut Wheelie Legends Freestyle Classic (Age 50+)

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 Amateur Professional Legends Freestyle Classic (Age 50+)

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