Reece Archibald

Reece Archibald
From: Banff, Scotland
Division: Pro Division
Sponsored by: Never Enough Skate Shop, M14 Streetwear, Trifle Crew
Age:  25
Skating:  14 years

I’m originally from the seaport of Banff, Scotland which is along the Northeast coast. Big history with Deep sea fishing with a lot of Doric dialect, for example ‘a pun a hinging mince’, when translated means, a pound of sausages. I see that there is also a Banff in Alberta, Canada that looks beautiful and worth seeing.

I became interested in skating playing Tony Hawks 2, idolized the greats but got hooked onto some flat ground tech stuff when I was about 11. One of my biggest influence has been my Dad who is also my mentor. He has always been supportive of my skating, generally supportive of anything. He gets interested in my interests, gets involved and tries to help out, with skateboarding he stepped on, fell off, surrendered and said “I leave this one to you”. Ha Ha

I wanted a job that brought a lot of life experience and gave plenty of opportunities to help people. I was curious about mental health nursing as my parents both practiced in the field and really loved their jobs. I went on to graduate from college with a degree in Mental Health Nursing and currently work as a Mental Health Nurse at a nursing home. Providing care in a nursing home obviously is different from the hospital environment, certainly more relaxed atmosphere with more time to spend with residents. Which means concerts, parties and opportunity to put a smile on an elders face.

When I am not skating or putting smiles on peoples faces I like to pick up my little guitar, I think they call it a ukulele, and strum it.

Reece’s good friend Tony Gale had this to say about him. “Reece is a weird human being. He’s Scottish. He has IRN-BRU running through his veins, and subsists entirely on Dib Dabs and other such overly sweet confectionary. He has a fairly mellow accent as far as Scotland goes, but it’s still broad enough that I expect I will be acting as translator for him while we’re in Canada. He’s also a lovely bloke and a brilliant skater.” What is IRN-BRU you ask, it’s the number one soft drink in Scotland and out sells CocaCola.


2016 UK Round-Up: 4th Place
2016 UK Round-Up: Best Trick 1st Place