Per Canguru

From: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Division: Pro Division
Sponsored by:  Decomposed, Moska, Monster Sports, Fontt Energy Drink
Age:  45
Skating:  27 years

I’ve always been very competitive in a personal way, overcoming my limits and trying to entertain the audience, always bringing something new for them. Footwork and super technical tricks inspire me and despite the fact that freestyle is an individual sport, when the crowd gets behind you and cheers you on, it feels like they are part of your team. I’d been away from skateboarding for 13 years returning in 2003 to compete at the Brazilian Championships and then went on to organize two World Championships in 2005 and 2008 both in Brazil. Since then I have dedicated myself to strengthening this fabulous sport we call Freestyle ensuring that this new generation of skaters will continue to push the limits of freestyle securing it’s future. Nothing is more rewarding than teaching a kid to balance on a skateboard for the first time. The World Round-Up attracts some of the best skaters in the world ensuring that all that attend are in for a great presentation. This event is not just a celebration of a sport, or a demo or a championship ,it is the meeting of a huge family of skateboarders who love what they do and getting together to enjoy each others company. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see the best freestyle skaters around the World, have fun watching the Rodeo and maybe win some prizes on the midway for your family, see you all there!


2015 World Round-Up Skateboarding Championships: 7th Place Pro
2014 World Round-Up Skateboarding Championships: 4th Place Pro
2013 World Round-Up Skateboarding Championships: 5th Place Pro
2012 World Round-Up Skateboarding Championships: 5th Place Pro
2007 WC WFSA Vancouver, B.C.: 3rd Place Pro
2003 – 2008 Five Time Brazilian Freestyle Champion