Mike Osterman

From: Long Beach, California, USA
Division: Pro Division
Sponsored by:  Waltz Skateboards, Oust, WORM app
Age:  24
Skating:  13 years

I received my first skateboard in 2005 when I was 11 years old and have tried to skate every day ever since. After graduating from Illinois State University I decided I needed a change, so I migrated to Southern California. I’m having a ball exploring my new neighborhood and skating with so many freestylers. I spend most of my time making freestyle videos for my YouTube channel. You can follow the video link below to view more tips on how to do freestyle tricks.

I find that the freestyle skateboarding community is the most unique, creative, and neurotic group of athletes in the world. I love coming to the World Round-Up each year to see my best friends and skate with some of the best freestyle skaters around, it’s amazing. Besides Stefan Albert never posts his best tricks on line, so I need to see him skate in person in order to steal them. To anyone who’s new to freestyle, I’d suggest joining Facebook groups like the F-forum or the World Round-Up page. They’re both great places to find trick tips, upcoming events, and juicy gossip. Other than that, just do your thing, homie.

2017 Brazil Freestyle Championships 1st Place Pro
2017 World Round-Up 2nd Place Pro
2017 Henry Candioti Skate-4-Fun Award
2016 World Round-Up 3rd Place Pro
2015 World Round-Up 2nd Place Pro
2014 World Round-Up 1st Place Pro
2013 World Round-Up 3rd Place Pro
2012 World Round-Up 8th Place Pro
2012 World Round-Up 1st Place Best Trick