Michael Sterling

From: Aldrich, USA
Division: Pro Division
Sponsored by: Modern Freestyle, Longevity Longboards, Far Bizarre Clothing
Age:  22
Skating:  9 years

I grew up the only skateboarder in a very small farming community, Aldrich, Missouri out by Stockton Lake. 75 people spread out, nearest neighbour a mile away. Sounds a lot like Rodney, I know, that is why I related to him so much. I had no skate parks near, no other skaters near, not even streets in front of the house to cruise,dirt roads, pure isolation. I’ve had to fight to stay a skateboarder. I often hear older skaters talk about how easy skaters of this generation have it. Well, for some of us in small town America today, skateboarding does not make you cool, skateboarding does not get you the girl, and skateboarding product isn’t the easiest to get to. So how does a boy from Aldrich become a skateboarding addict you might ask? Even though cows were my audience; it wasn’t no Amish life. The family had an Xbox! On that Xbox, I had Tony Hawk’s Underground! Once I beat that game and watched the real skate footage clips at the end, I was hooked and had to get me one. Two skateboarders really stuck out to me on those clips. Mike Vallely and Rodney Mullen. Even though I was impressed by the other skaters clips in the game, these specific 2 were not skating some crazy 14 foot half-pipe that I would never have access to. They were skating in parking lots just like the town over was filled with. Mild ledges and curbs that could slide for 20 feet. Things that were not out of my realm of existence. Its funny to say, but Tony Hawks Underground on Xbox was my introduction to not only freestyle but skateboarding, in general, and punk rock music. Things that I could not imagine my life without. I currently have the opportunity to travel and I use it to promote Freestyle skateboarding. I have recently went as far East as Kentucky to as far West as Arizona spreading Freestyle at skate parks along the way.


2013 US Freestyle Championships: 7th place Amateur
2012 World Freestyle Round-Up: 8th place Amateur
2010 World Championships: 8th place Amateur
2010 Mike V Glorybound Tour, St. Louis: 3rd place Amateur
2009 Springfield Skatepark’s Game of S.K.A.T.E. 2nd Place Amateur