Lars Rothenstein

Lars Rothenstein
From: Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany
Division: Pro Division
Sponsored by: TX-Sports, Hektik Streetwear, Mob Skateboards
Age:  28
Skating:  14 years

Got my first skateboard in 1992 when I was 4 years old, and picked up freestyle in 2004 after getting stoked watching video’s of Rodney Mullen, Kevin Harris, Bernhard Kümpel and Yoyo Schulz. It was only natural that they would become my mentors, that being said I also consider my family and friends to be my mentors as well.

I live in the city of Darmstadt, Germany which dates back to the 1300’s and was a centre of the Art Nouveau movement. It also holds the official title “City of Science” as it is a major centre of scientific institutions, universities, and high-technology companies. I graduated with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Engineering and make my living as a Plastic Engineer.

In 2011 I started shooting video parts in France and Spain, then in 2012 a friend shot a freestyle video of me called DEDICATION I. That exposure to other cultures gave me the travel bug, so I headed out the door in 2013 and skated through China, which turned out to be a real experience. Next I teamed up once again with videographer Jan Stollberg to make DEDICATION II. I have competed in Europe at both the Paderborn and Brettbewerb freestyle contests but this will be my first time competing in Vancouver, Canada. I am very excited to meet old friends and make new ones as freestyle skaters from around the world gather together. Another thing I am also looking forward to, is the modern contest format of 1 and 1.5 minute runs.


2010 Hessen-Cup Brettbewerb 3rd Place Pro/Am
2010 Paderborn World-Cup 3rd Place Amateur
2009 German Championships 2nd Place Amateur