Kanata Hayakawa

Kanata Hayakawa
From: Chiba, Japan
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by:  FScom
Age:  19
Skating:  12 years

They must be putting something in the water in the city of Chiba Japan, because freestyle skaters are popping up everywhere. Kanata, is one of five skaters from Chiba that will be attending this years World Freestyle Round-Up. He is really looking forward to experiencing the culture of a foreign country and exchanging tricks with the overseas skaters. Kanata picked up skateboarding from his dad who use to skate when he was a teenager. He remembers being shocked when he saw his dad, who is an elementary school teacher, do a Power Slide. “Wow Dad I didn’t know you could skate,” now they skate together whenever they can. Kanata says he has also been influenced by his mentors, Masahiro and Toshiaki Fujii and Suzuki Shigekazu.

In the beginning Kanata struggled learning freestyle tricks, just ask any freestyler and they will tell you how difficult some of these tricks are and how long it takes to learn them. He has mastered the Backward Space Walk and Backward Dog Walk and is working on his spins. Kanata only gets in about 5 hours a week practicing freestyle because he is a full time student at the Tokyo University, where he is taking computer, network and information studies. In his spare time he loves to play “Gears Of War” on his smartphone and he also plays a mean set of drums.

Being a reserve rider for the FScom Freestyle Team has been a great way to learn new tricks and perform in front of a crowd which was one of his dreams. Kanata says “I use my skateboard as a stage that I can perform on wherever I am, thats why I like freestyle so much.” He also belongs to a local team called “Team Ichihara” who help to run local skateboard contests.


22016 FScom’s TUKUMA CUP Freestyle Contest Part 2: 1st Place Amateur
2016 FScom’s TUKUMA CUP Freestyle Contest Part 1: 5th Place Amateur
2016 JFSA All Japan Freestyle Championships: 3rd Place Amateur
2015 FScom X Oyan’s Freestyle Skateboard Contest. 1st Place Amateur
2015 JFSA All Japan Freestyle Championship: 7th Place Amateur
2011 JFSA All Japan Freestyle Championship: 6th Place Amateur
2011 JFSA Roots Cup All Japan Freestyle Contest: 10th Place Amateur
2010 JFSA All Japan Freestyle Championship: 6th Place Amateur