Jacob Whitt


From: El Paso, Texas, USA
Division: Amateur Division
Sponsored by: Dr. Skateboard, Musashi Designs
Age:  21
Skating:  6 years

I was born and raised in El Paso Texas. I’m attending community college in El Paso. Work full time at a call center. Started skating to cope with depression when I was 14. I will have skated 7 years this year on September 3rd, 2014. I’ve lost 103 pounds and 7 inches since 2012 to now. I just want to skateboard and be happy. I love skating the way I want to. I just want to be the best skateboarder THAT I can possibly be. I love 360 nollie shove its and handstand tricks and I love bananas and peanut butter. I want to make Bill Robertson (AKA: Dr. Skateboard) proud. Say on the microphone: “Jacob says hello Karen and thank you for supporting me and everyone else who has supported me in skateboarding.”

2010 world freestyle championships in Philly. 9th place AM
2011 US freestyle championships in Philly. 4th place AM
2012 World Round Up 9th place AM
2012 US freestyle championships in Philadelphia. 1st place AM
2012 Game of Skate in Philly. 1st place
2013 World Round Up. 4th place AM
2013 US freestyle championships. 2nd place AM