Isamu Yamamoto

From: Otsu City, Japan
Division: Pro Division
Sponsored by: Powell Peralta,, Decomposed Skateboards, Revel Royal, Only for bosses, Gekka, Praise Worthy
Age:  13
Skating:  5 years

Anyone that has watched a Rodney Mullen Video on YouTube can’t help but be amazed and think, “I wonder if I could do that”. Well, for 13 year old Isamu it has been an obsession, practicing everyday to become like Rodney. He loves skateboarding but he is also very proficient in Free Skating and hopes to become a good skater like his idol Mattie Tyce who is the best in the world. 2014 was a very important year for him, he became a team rider for the Fujii Brothers FS Team and he and his father, Shoji, were able to go to Canada to the World Freestyle Round-Up. “I had a great time at the Round-Up competition, meeting a lot of wonderful people, having many awesome experiences and taking 1st place in the Amateur Divisions”. The following year Isamu turned pro and took 4th place at the Round-Up, quite a feat for a 12 year old. “Japan is a very beautiful place and just like British Columbia, which is also very green, it rains a lot, so on those rainy days when I can’t skateboard I love to draw cartoons and graphics on my skate decks. My mom says that my creative interests in art have a synergistic effect on my freestyle skateboarding”.

Recently, he has been very busy entering competitions, putting on demos at local festivals, shooting for CM and doing TV interviews for the media and press. Although his schedule is sometime very hectic and difficult to do, he always has fun and enjoys it. But the biggest and most exciting event this year is going to be WORLD ROUND-UP! “I’m looking forward to seeing and skating with all of you again”!


2016 Megane Cup: 1st place Pro & Sponsored Am
2016 Tsukuba Cup: 1st place Pro & Sponsored Am
2016 Big Rio Freestyle Contest: 1st place Pro
2015 All Japan Freestyle Contest: 2nd place Pro
2015 World Freestyle Round-up: 4th place Pro
2015 Megane Cup: 1st place Pro & Sponsored Am
2014 All Japan Freestyle Contest: 1st place Amateur
2014 World Freestyle Round-Up: 1st Place Amateur