Eric Scott Lowery

Eric Lowery
From: Falls Church, Virginia, USA
Division: Amateur Division
Sponsored by: N/A
Age:  18
Skating:  7 years

The part of Virginia that I live in is very unique and full of history, in fact, our little town dates back to the late 1600s. We are only about 9 miles away from Washington, D.C. with all of it’s museums and art galleries, so its been a great place to grow up. I started skateboarding when I was about 8 years old, skating the bowl and other tranny objects at our local skatepark. Then I tore my ACL playing soccer at age 13 and was unable to play on the team for roughly 16 months. After a year of rehab I wanted to start skating again without injuring my leg, so I started freestyle because of the creativity in it. You can easily combine challenging tricks with beginner tricks and still make it look interesting, unlike any other form of skating. I was at the Skate Fest Skateboard Contest last year, that was held at the Wakefield Skatepark, when I met Pete Betti. He was skating the street course, while I was skating the vert section and practicing freestyle between runs. Pete came over and introduced himself and told me about this freestyle contest in Philadelphia, then he introduced me to AJ Kohn who was MC’ing the contest. He told me about the Philly contest and said that I should come up and enter the amateur division. My father and I made the 2 1/2 hour drive by car which paid off because I came in 8th place.

I am currently a Senior at George Mason High School and plan to attend Liberty University in Lynchburg this fall. When I was younger I would go to Liberty University for Ski Camp during the summer. They have this fake snow called Snow-Flex which is kind of similar to astro-turf but harder with water running down it. I guess it’s sorta like skiing, ok not really. I like watching the Washington Capitals play hockey, in particular Branden Holtby who is my favourite goaltender in the league. When I am not skating or watching hockey I love playing percussion something I have done with my church’s youth group for years and more recently with a small cover band with friends from school.

This past year I have been watching Mike Osterman and Daniel Trujillo’s creative YouTube videos which has inspired me and really pulled me in. It’s mentors like these that have helped to popularize freestyle. I am really looking forward to going to the World Round-Up with my Dad to meet more freestyle skaters and to expand my freestyle knowledge.


2016 US Freestyle Championships, Philadelphia: 8th Place Amateur
2016 Annandale Skate-Fest: 8th Place Amateur