Diego Pires Afonso

From: São Paulo, Brazil
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by: Life-Style-Skates, X Kaine Trucks
Age:  26
Skating:  12 years

I live with my mother and my brothers in São Paulo, Brazil, the 10th largest city in the world. The city dates back to 1554 when the small Portuguese village of São Paulo was founded by Jesuit priests. I started skating in 2005 with my friends when I was fifteen years old. Currently I work at skate shop in the center of São Paulo, and I try to skate every day after I get off work. Skateboarding has changed my life and although freestyle is my love, I also practice street skating. When I am not skating I like to play my guitar. One of my favourite places to skate is Ibirapuera Park. This place is huge, totally undercover and has a flawless concrete surface ideal to practice your freestyle. One trick that I have really been working on, is the Coconut Wheelie which is very difficult to do. All that practice paid off though, as I won 1st place at last years World Round-Up in the Longest Coconut Wheelie Contest. Got a nice trophy and even won $250 bucks, which really helped out with the cost of going to the event. I’m working hard to save money, so that I can go back to Vancouver again, cause I know I am going to have fun when I get to the event.


2016 Big Rio Freestyle Contest: 3rd Place Amateur
2015 World Round-Up: 3rd Place Amateur
2015 World Round-Up: 1st Place Longest Coconut Wheelie
2015 Big Rio Freestyle Contest: 1st Place Amateur