Derek Elliott

From: Maryland, USA
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by: N/A
Age:  18
Skating:  5 years

Skateboarding is this little thing I like to do, nothing more nothing less, love it and always will. Although I also skate street, freestyle is my passion and I practice anywhere from 2 1/2 to 6 hours a day getting ready for my second International Contest at the World Round-Up. Thank heavens for YouTube for they sure have helped me learn how to do many of the tricks I have learned. I love watching the Rodney Mullen video’s and the old Delmar and Oceanside Contest videos from the 1980’s as you can learn so much from those older skaters. Speaking of which I can hardly wait to meet one of my favourite skaters Per Welinder at this years Round-Up. I like classic rock from the 70’s and 80’s and love drawing graffiti. One of my biggest fans is my Grandmother who is always encouraging me to practice. She even came to Vancouver last year to watch me compete. If I could change anything in my life it would be that I didn’t have to shovel so much snow to clear a place to skateboard.


2015 World Freestyle Round-Up: 4th Place Amateur
2015 World Freestyle Round-Up: 1st Place Best Trick
2014 US Freestyle Championships, Philadelphia: 5th Place Amateur