Daniel Trujillo

From: Henderson, Nevada, USA
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by: Temptation Skateboards, Shell Shock Skateboards, Synopsis Bearings, Steez Nutz Risers
Age:  29
Skating:  19 years

I was born and raised in the Las Vegas area, and contrary to popular belief a lot goes on here other than gambling. I work for Pololu Robotics company who’s company team took 8th place at last years DARPA Robotics Challenge. If you don’t know what this is, look it up. I’ve been known to tinker with electronics and art projects till I fall asleep. I even have a painting in the Nevada State Museum permanent dinosaur exhibit. Recently I have been using my 3D printer to make low cost/free prosthetics for people in need of them. Occasionally I fill in as an actor in short films and I spend way too much time editing videos for YouTube. Oh and I love watching crummy movies.


2015 World Freestyle Round-Up: 9th Place Amateur
2014 World Freestyle Round-Up: 9th Place Amateur
2013 World Freestyle Round-Up: 7th Place Amateur
2012 World Freestyle Round-Up: 6th Place Amateur