Allen Handley

From: Britannian Beach, B.C. Canada
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by: N/A
Age:  30
Skating:  16 years

I started skating at the age of 14 and have transitioned through all styles of skating, beginning with street to transition, then my good friend Allen Cardinal turned me on to Old Style Freestyle which I have really taken to. I like to create my own style of tricks and try and do tricks most people don’t usually do. While living in Toronto I invented my own trick called “the shitquake” which is a Madonna grab rock to fakie. One of my Mentors has been Hippie Mike who is a great skater and a great human being as well. Work wise I have been a roofer by trade for the last six years but recently began framing houses. I’ve always enjoyed being physically active and athletic in all types of sports such as hockey and of course skateboarding.

Last year I decided that I had had enough of all the congestion of city life in Surrey so I moved to the small community of Britannia Beach, population 300, which is about 8 miles from Squamish. Britannia was once the home of the largest Copper Mine in Canada which has over 130 miles of tunnels running through the mountain behind where I now live. Life is good for “Gnarly Fred” ( my dog ) and myself, we both love the mountain views and clean air. Now after work I shoot a game of pool or play a hand of poker and try and get some skating in. This will be my 4th year attending the World Round-Up a great place to showcase what you have learned, gain inspiration for new tricks and to skate with the friends I’ve made.


2015 World Round-Up Skateboarding Championships: 13th Place Amateur
2014 World Round-Up Skateboarding Championships: 12th Place Amateur
2014 Chuck Bailey Skate Jam: 2nd Place Amateur