Alex “Brownzinho” Mendes

From: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Division: Pro Division
Sponsored by:  Use Taxi Espartos, Narina Skates, Landfeet Skateboard Shoes
Age:  40
Skating:  20 years

Freestyle skating runs in his family, as he followed in the footsteps of his older brother Andrade, nick-named “Brown”, after the famous freestyle skater Don Brown from England. Likewise Alex got his nick-name Brownzinho from his brother which means “Little Brown”. He is a religious family man, married to his lovely wife Simone with a 5 year old daughter Suellen who is the joy of their life. Although family is first most in his life he tries to skate as often as he can with his buddies and also likes to swim once a week. He has been a Taxi Driver for over 7 years in the very busy city of Sao Paulo, Brazil considered to have the worst congestion problems in he world. Trust me, you really have to be patient to be a taxi driver here as traffic jams can reach up to 180 km / 112 miles long. Brownzinho competed at the 2014 World Freestyle Round-Up and is back again to skate with his good friends and have some fun in Canada.


2016 Big Rio Contest: 4th Place Professional
2015 Brazilian Freestyle Circuit: 5th Place Professional
2014 World Freestyle Round-Up: 18th Place Professional