Adam Flood

From: North Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by: N/A
Age:  34
Skating:  22 years

I am a proud father of three super rad kids, am happily married to the best mom out there, and work as a mental health worker for the PHS. I am an accomplished artist as well, with a focus on Islamic Geometric Designs. Music is another one of my passions, as a musician I have toured across North America numerous times with various projects and have released many vinyl records, cassettes. cd’s, with multiple projects. You can hear some of my many unique bands by searching for Cassette Merchant or Yellowthief.

I try to skateboard as much as I can, which has not been very often since I started a family. I skate for my own personal enjoyment, which isn’t really an advantage in a competitive environment but I LOVE TO SKATE, and just want to be a part of this amazing contest.

Big shout out to Kevin Harris, Monty Little, Aj Kohn, Skull Skates, Cloverdale Rodeo and all the other awesome people keeping this going!


2016 World Freestyle Round-Up: 17th Place Amateur
2015 World Freestyle Round-Up: 7th Place Amateur
2013 World Freestyle Round-Up: 10th Place Amateur
2012 World Freestyle Round-Up: 10th Place Amateur