Tyrone Williams

From: Philadelphia, USA
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by:  One Skateboard Co., Ns Bearings, Disston Precision
Age:  26
Skating:  11 years

When I was around 15 years old I saw a video of Tony Hawk landing a 900, WOW that definitely perked my interest. Shortly after that we moved to Philadelphia and I met AJ Kohn who took me under his wing and has been my mentor ever since. My introduction to freestyle skating came one day when I was watching a video of Rodney Mullen skating. Once you have seen him skate you just know you want to be able to skate like that.

After I graduated from high school I pursued a carrier as a machinist and currently work for a company making saw blades. We make everything from 6 inch blades all the way up to 84 Inch diameter blades, do the math that works out to 7 feet tall. On the weekends I help A. J. Kohn as a volunteer at the Collective Philadelphia Skate Academy teaching kids to skate. I have also helped him with the Gear For Grome’s promotion for years where we supply less fortune kids out by giving them skateboard and safety equipment. I consider A. J. and Rodney Watkins my mentors and friends who have both taught me so much. I may not be the most talented where I come from, but through hard work and strong will you can accomplish anything.

Although I also love to play football, drums and low basketball, skateboarding is my real passion. Really looking forward to coming to Canada, my first trip out of the US, to skate with you guys.


2016 US Freestyle Championships, Philadelphia: 5th Place Am
2015 World Freestyle Championships, Philadelphia: 5th Place Am
2014 US Freestyle Championships, Philadelphia: 5th Place Am
2013 US Freestyle Championships, Philadelphia: 4th Place Am
2012 US Freestyle Championships, Philadelphia: 5th Place Am
2011 World Freestyle Championships, Philadelphia: 15th Place Am