Local Skateparks

Skaters around the globe consider Vancouver and the surrounding area to be one of the world’s Hot Spots for skateboarding and the MECCA for skateparks. There are currently over 100 skateboard parks in British Columbia, 50 of which are in the lower mainland.  While you are here competing at the World Freestyle Round-Up be sure to take time to skate one of our many skateparks or drop into PD’s Hot Shop, Canada’s oldest skate shop established in 1976. For directions to PD’s, the home of SKULL SKATES, as well as skatepark details and maps showing their locations visit SKULL SKATES web site at:  www.skullskates.com/skateboarding/skatepark-directory/

Vancouver has deep roots in skateboarding and skateparks going back as far as 1977 when Monty Little lobbied for Canada’s first community skateboard park. The legendary Richmond Skate Ranch, which helped launch several of Canada’s top pros like Rob Boyce and Colin McKay was co-designed by Kevin Harris. Many a park has come and gone since those early days but one that has stood the test of time is Seylynn Skatepark in North Vancouver, which turned 38 years old in October of 2016 and happens to be Canada’s oldest skatepark.

We have also been blessed with two of the world’s best skatepark design and construction companies that call Vancouver their home.

NEWLINE SKATEPARKS www.newlineskateparks.com

The past couple of years have had Newline Skateparks as busy as ever helping communities step up their skatepark game!  In addition to completing two of Canada’s partially covered outdoor skateparks in Surrey (Chuck Bailey Skatepark and Cloverdale Youth Park), their team has also finished an overhaul to Metro Van’s iconic seaside spot at Ambleside Beach (now fittingly named the Peter Sullivan Skatepark). In addition there is a new tech-meets-flow gem in Mission and a host of other noteworthy projects across the Island and throughout BC’s interior including parks in West Kelowna, Chemainus, Prince George and the Abbotsford Mouat Bowl. While in Vancouver be sure to check out the company’s local staples: the Downtown Vancouver Skate Plaza and Kensington Bowl, and look forward to their upcoming projects in Sydney, Victoria, and Revelstoke BC.


SPECTRUM SKATEPARKS www.spectrum-sk8.com

Spectrum’s most legendary park in Vancouver is the Hastings Skatepark, arguably the greatest bowl landscape the world has to offer and one of the stops on the Van Doren Invitational Tour. A close second would be the Bonsor Skatepark and this past fall they completed the latest addition to the already monstrous skatepark in Whistler BC. This park is the center-point of a killer “Sea-To-Sky” road trip for visitors, showcasing incredible skateparks and the stunning natural beauty of our province. The trip starts with the Gleneagles Bowl in West Vancouver, built by our friends at Newline, then on to Spectrum’s parks in Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton. Other BC projects soon to be completed by Spectrum’s design and construction team are in Cumberland, Creston, Smithers and the Gitanmaax First Nations Skatepark.