Rick McCrank

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From: Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Division: AM Division
Sponsored by:  Girl, Lakai, Antisocial Skateboard Shop, Poler
Age:  42
Skating:  Lots of years

Rick McCrank is a legendary street skater who has carved out a unique persona within the world of skateboarding through his classic video parts and fun-first approach. McCrank’s first-ever skateboard deck sponsor was a small Canadian brand called Cherry Bombs. He then joined the first incarnation of Plan B Skateboards, when he was discovered by professional skateboarder Colin McKay, and after a brief period with Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse company. Most recently, McCrank became host of the television series Abandoned, which premiered on the Viceland network.

McCrank resides in Vancouver with his daughter, Kalea and co-founded and owns Anti-Social Skateshop. When he is not skating he love playing music on a pipe organ and his guitar. In addition to his career as a skater / shop owner, Rick has also undertaken several acting roles, such as Harvey Spannos (2006) (television) and the film Machotaildrop (2009).

McCrank has competed in various contests around the world throughout his career and attained one of the highest ever scores in a street skateboarding category, but he has never entered a freestyle contest. Rick see’s this as an opportunity to explore the diverse, dynamics of the World Round-Up and what drives this thriving freestyle community. He intends to take what he learns and films and make an episode for his very popular TV Show.