Mitsuhiro Yasumoto

Mitsuhiro Yasumoto
From: Shizuoka, Japan
Division: Pro Division
Sponsored by: M8SB Skate Shop, Hug Coffee, Momonga Cafe
Age: 26
Skating: 7 years

About 8 years ago one of Mitsuhiro’s friends let him try out his skateboard. He was having so much fun that on his very first try he knew he wanted to be a skateboarder. Today he will tell you it was destiny. Shortly after that he was at a skatepark nearby and met Yuta Kikuchi, one of Japan’s top pros. Mitsuhiro was fascinated by his skating style, something called freestyle which made him want to take it up as well. Today Yuta is his mentor and friend, they often do demos showcasing freestyle skating and give freestyle lessons together as well. He says he doesn’t like to stick with just any one genre of skating, category or style. His favourite thing is just skating freely on his board, that’s what freestyle skating is all about for him.

Mitsuhiro graduated from the Tokai University in Engineering and currently works for a company that produces headlights for cars. He works in the sales department making quotations for clients. When he is not skating he loves to take long walks by the seaside. To help relax Mitsuhiro likes to play the Sanshin, an Okinawan stringed musical instrument that dates back to the 17th century. It consists of a Python snakeskin covered body, a neck and three strings, likened to a banjo. Many people refer to it as Jabisen ( 蛇皮線 ) which literally means “snakeskin strings.”

This will be the first international freestyle contest that he has competed in, so he is very excited to come to Canada to be with other skaters with the same interests.


2016 Tsukuma Cup: 5th Place Pro
2016 All Japan Freestyle Contest: 5th Place Pro
2015 All Japan Freestyle Contest: 2nd Place Amateur