Mirei Tsuchida

Mirei Tsuchida
From: Yokohama, Japan
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by:  Moonshine Skateboards, XS Unified, Lips & Tips, Skate Slate Japan
Age:  17
Skating:  9 years

I started skateboarding when I was 8 years old. All I’d been doing for the first couple of years was front side turns and back side turns on ramps and banks at my local skate park. Then one day when I went to another local skate park and met Aki Akiyama, who is a well-known skateboard legend who is the first professional skater in Japan. He was doing freestyle tricks like walk the dog, rail flips as well as ollie and shove-it’s. I was really interested in what I saw, so I searched Freestyle in Youtube and came across three Japanese female freestylers Mic, Yuki, and Jun, who are now my Mentors. I was fascinated of their girlish ways of skating – soft and smooth. I started practicing freestyle with the skaters at Mr. Satoshi Ohashi’s Freestyle community called ‘Ohashi-Juku’ and have been skating almost every day since then. I’m a freestyle team rider in the Japanese best seller female only skate DVD series “Joy and Sorrow 3” to be published this coming summer.

I am a senior at Yokohama Kanazawa High School and love to draw pictures and read Japanese Comic Books in my spare time, but my real love is skateboarding. In January I became a member of Moonshine Skateboards team, which Lillis Akesson is also on. He told me that their Team Captain Tony Gale wanted every Moonshiners to attend the 2017 World Round-Up in Vancouver, Canada. I asked my Dad if we could go and he said yes. I also recently got sponsored by XS Unified, a company based in Vancouver, producing helmets and accessories for ladies who loves X sports. I would love to meet the president Christine Breakell to say thanks for supporting me, and invite her to come and see me skating in World Freestyle Round-Up.


2016 Megane Cup Flatland Contest: 1st Place Ladies Division and 3rd Place Pro/Am Division
2016 JFSA All Japan Freestyle Championships: 2nd Place Ladies Division
2015 Megane Cup Freestyle Contest: 1st place Ladies Division & 2nd place Pro/Am Division
2014 Megane Cup Freestyle Contest: 1st Ladies Division
2013 NASS Freestyle World Championships (UK): 3rd place Am Division
2012 JFSA Flatland Contests: 4th place on Annual Pro/Am Rankings
2011 JFSA The Pacific Ocean Freestyle Championships: 2nd place Am Division