Matheus Navarro

From: Atibaia, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Division: Pro Division
Sponsored by:  One Skateboard Co, Ollie Skate Shop, NS Bearings Road Runners, Kranio Skateboard, Fomei, Broken Fingers Zine
Age:  25
Skating:  12 years

I was born and still live in the city of Atibaia, Brazil, about an hours drive north of Sao Paulo. Although Atibaia now has a population about 90,000 back in 1665 it was just a small faming village. That being said, farming is still an important part of our economy even today. Before I got into skateboarding I was a professional table tennis player sponsored by Butterfly, the top brand in the market. Out local Atibaia Team was the best team in Brazil, but unfortunately one of our coaches took all the money that was sent from Butterfly as support and took off. We lost everything, our tables, balls, rackets and even the place to train. My friends and I got bored not being able to play table tennis, so we started skateboarding at a local square, simply because it was so much fun!

Trying to get sponsorship was very difficult in the beginning no one believed me, not even my family. I decided to dedicated myself skating at least 2 hours a day, saved money and went to Europe in 2012 to compete at the World Cup in Sweden. I proved to everyone that I have the passion and skills to be a professional skater. What could be better than that! Since turning Pro I have met many freestyle skaters that have become my good friends. One of them is AJ Kohn who helped to change my life and became one of my Sponsors.

I graduated from the University of Art & Design Pan Americana in Sao Paulo, in the field of Photography. I work as a professional freelance photographer taking photos for small business, magazines and corporate events. In my spare time I love to do plastic modelling. Last year I had the chance to go to the World Round-Up and skate with all these talented skaters. Can’t wait to go back to Canada and see everyone.


2016 World Freestyle Round-Up: 1st Place Longest Coconut Wheelie
2016 World Freestyle Round-Up: 9th Place Professional
2016 Brazilian Freestyle Championships: 1st Place Professional
2015 Brazilian Freestyle Championships: 1st Place Professional
2014 Brazilian Freestyle Championships: 1st Place Professional
2013 Brazilian Freestyle Championships: 1st Place Professional
2012 World Cup Germany: 2nd Place Amateur
2011 World Cup, Sweden: 2nd Place Amateur