Marcio Torres

From: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by: No Miracles Clothing
Age:  21
Skating:  3 years

I live with my grandparents, who have raised me since I was 8 years old. I graduated last year in Design and Multimedia Production at the University Center Senac. Although I only took up skateboarding in 2013, after I saw one of my friends doing a hand stand trick, I am totally hooked. Love all aspects of skating but especially freestyle which I try to practice about 4 hours a day. My Idol is Rodney Mullen who is the master of combining freestyle and street together. I’m a skateboard teacher at two schools and I put on freestyle demonstrations at skateparks, and schools. Our National Freestyle Committee which is part of the Brazilian Confederation of Skateboarding (CBSk), runs qualifying contests so beginner skaters can advance to Amateur Status. I placed high enough last year to be an amateur so I was able to come to Canada, what an experience that was. Coming back to Canada to compete in the World Round-Up is very important for me as I had such a great time last year meeting everybody and practicing new tricks together. I have been saving for this trip since getting home from the last Round-Up and have had to make some great sacrifices to get the money to be able to come.


2017 Big Rio Freestyle Contest: 3rd Place Amateur
2106 World Round-Up Skateboard Championships: 4th Place Amateur
2016 World Round-Up, Best Handstand Trick: 1st Place
2015 Event Conspiracy, Best Trick: 1st Place
2015 Second Brazilian Stage: 1st Place Beginner
2015 First Brazilian Stage: 2nd Place Beginner