Lalnunkima “Kima” Ralte

From: Aizawl, Mizoram, Northeast India
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by:  Active8 Sports India
Age:  17
Skating:  8 years

Although I am only 17 years old I dream of creating my own style of skating and promoting skateboarding through out India. I learned to skate on the streets of my hometown of Bhosalenager, a small village in the North Eastern territory of India. You might say that I live, breathe and sleep skateboarding and I try to practice freestyle as much as I can. All those rail, tail taps and sliding tricks are very hard on a skateboard and can wear it out. Lucky for me I have a sponsor, Active8 Sports, who gives me decks and equipment to keep me skating. My Favourite trick right now is 360’s and the most difficult trick I’ve mastered is a Hand-Stand Kick Flip. Last year I had the chance to tour India putting on freestyle demos with Canadian Freestyle Champion Andy Anderson. I learned so many new tricks from Andy and had fun being able to skate with another freestyle skater, something I usually do alone.

I have been inspired by skaters like Kilian Martin, Rodney Mullen, Kevin Harris and Russ Howell who are my freestyle idols. I can hardly wait to meet Kevin and Russ at this years World Round-Up and skate with them and catch up with my friend Andy Anderson. This will be my first year participating at the Round-Up and my first time outside of India and on an airplane. I am absolutely looking forward to the level of skill I’ll be exposed to while getting the opportunity to make some awesome new friends! My advice to other skaters that want to pursue Freestyle Skateboarding is not to do it just because its freestyle, do it because you enjoy it so much that you are obsessed with it and do it purely out of passion.