Junxiao Zhou

Junxiao Zhou
From: Sichuan, China
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by: Sunrise
Age:  29
Skating:  16 years

Imagine for a moment that you live China and you wanted to come and compete at this years World Freestyle Round-Up in Vancouver, Canada. You’d have to really want it bad, to be at that contest if you are going to spend 16 hours on a plane to get there. Well, that just what 29 year old freestyle skater Junxiao Zhou plans to do. Why would you travel that far just to be at contest? Well, for one thing there are very few freestyle skaters in China and Junxiao wants to meet and skate with the best in the world and learn from them. The second reason is that there are no freestyle contests in China, so he wants the opportunity to be able to finally be in a contest and show what he has learned.

Like many of us, he was drawn into freestyle by watching the Rodney Mullen sequence in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 video game. Since the nearest freestyle skater in China, who is pro freestyler Shen Meng who lives in Beijing which is 19 1/2 hours away, Junxiao has had to learn freestyle tricks by watching YouTube videos. A big thrill was being able to meet and skate with Shen Meng as he passed through town putting on demos. Being able to skate with another freestyle skater and learn new tricks was wonderful. They have kept in contact with each other and Shen has become his friend and mentor, along with Rodney Mullen of course.

After graduating from High School he went into computer sciences and now works for Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Even though he has a full time job, he still finds time to practice about 3 hours a day getting ready for the World Round-Up. When asked was it very hard learning freestyle tricks Junxiao replied, “Of course it was hard, some tickets took half a year to learn.” I know that the World Round-Up Freestyle Family will welcome him with open arms when he gets here, making that 16 hour flight worthwhile.


As there are no freestyle contests in China, competing at this years World Freestyle Round-Up will be Junxiao’s first contest.