Dillanger Kane

From: Delta, Canada
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by:  Moonshine Skateboards
Age:  20
Skating:  10 years

My Name is Dillanger Kane, i’m 20 years old and I am a skateboard enthusiast. Currently I am in my 1st year of computer science at British Columbia Institute of Technology. I am a hard worker, in fact I have 3 jobs and somehow find time to skate every day. Although I utilize skating as an outlet for creativity and cardio, I prefer freestyle as it is a more technical and powerful style of skating. Recently I had a major muscle repair surgery that I am still recovering from but that won’t hinder my passion for skating. As a member of the World Round-Up demo team, I travel and perform skate shows with a few other familiar faces from the World Round-Up Championships. I recently got picked up by an amazing skate company by the name of Moonshine Skateboard in the U.S, and I am in the midst of creating my own custom freestyle skateboard shape. The World Round-Up is my yearly vacation even though I live only 20 minutes away from the event. I look forward to the may long weekend every day of the year. Skateboarding has been a huge part of my life and it always will be.


2015 World Round-Up: 5th Place Amateur
2014 World Round-Up: 7th Place Amateur