Denham Hill

From: Otley, England
Division: Pro Division
Sponsored by:  Moonshine Skateboards
Age:  24
Skating:  10 years

Hi, i’m Denham, i’m 24 and I live in a small town in Northern England. Oh, and it’s Grim Up North…

There’s not much available for skaters where I live. We had a skatepark, but it consisted of a few obstacles spotted around a huge area of concrete. I suppose I was drawn to freestyle for it’s versatility. I could utilize the park, purely by skating the flat ground available. I soon found that possibilities for new tricks were endless, and that freestyle offered me a constant means of self progression, and a cathartic means of expressing myself, which I had never previously found. It’s helped me overcome many personal issues, purely by offering me the reassurance that it’s okay to express myself. It’s fine to be angry, anxious or frustrated, because I know I have a means to cast out those daily frustrations, purely by going for a skate. Strange how something so simple and lacking in pretence can altogether make someone feel more human.

I entered my first competitions last year, and went straight in as pro. It was terrifying, and I landed maybe one trick. I’ve always had an unhealthy relationship with competition, I’m naturally a pretty nervous guy. although you might not think that from the outset. I’m looking forward to the experience, and meeting a bunch of like minded individuals, all with the simple aim: to skate and have fun.

I left my previous job to coach skateboarding full time for Sk8 Safe. It’s incredibly rewarding. To offer young people an alternative to traditional sports, where they can develop as an individual at their own pace, and take part in a pastime which becomes a long standing and positive influence in their life, is great. Even if one kid in a class of 20 takes up skateboarding, and gains as much from it as I did, I go home happy and fulfilled. Because I know they do too.

My skating style is characterized by speed, aggression, and most importantly, a sense of fun. You will recognize me as the guy with the sideburns. Great big sideburns.


2015 Paderborn Freestyle Contest: 7th Place Pro
2015 UK Round-Up: 6th Place Amateur
2015 UK Round-Up: 1st Best Trick