David James Campbell

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From: Port Alberni, B.C. Canada
Division: Legends Division
Sponsored by: N/A
Age:  55
Skating:  45+ years

When I was about 10 year old I saw a skateboard movie called “Skater Dater.” I was instantly HOOKED! Snagged an old red see-through plastic skateboard from a neighbourhood garage sale and took to the streets. Our family moved to Toronto where I attended high school and met Steve Ibbertsen, who was the Canadian Skateboard Champion, who introduced me to freestyle. We use to skate at this underground parking lot through the winter mimicking Jay Adams and Tony Alva – Dogtown ruled to us. I was also influenced by Russ Howell, Ty Page, Jim Muir and the Valdez brothers. In 1986 I was chosen by Wee Willie Winkel, a Canadian skateboard manufacture, to represent Eastern Canada at the TransWorld Skateboard Championships being held at EXPO 86 in Vancouver. The experience was absolutely “amazing” with the BEST SEAT’S IN THE HOUSE, to watch the best skaters in the World! Willie became my sponsor and close friend and along with Lonnie Toft we would take our eight wheelers and rip the West Wood Skatepark in TO. Unfortunately Willie passed away a few years ago, I really miss him.

Back in the day I also got into Barrel Jumping. I was performing freestyle demo’s at a Custom Car & Bike Show and decided to add barrel jumping at the end of my routine. I’d gather as many as 16 people laying them side-by-side, shoulder to shoulder and long distance jump over all of them. Even performed before the Stray Cats & BB King went on stage. I was STOKED for sure.

Lived in Florida for a while and really got into surfing, but the crowds got to me so I moved back to Canada, this time ending up on Vancouver Island. I love the WILD WEST SIDE OF VANCOUVER ISLAND. Stoked on the scenery, outdoors lifestyle (hiking, fishing, surfing, skimming) & RAIN! Ha! Looked for a wife, but having hard time landing a ring on her. I currently live in Port Alberni, which is smack dab in the middle of the Island and make my living from raising black lab / border collie’s. I am also an artist and create clay surfer figurines, which is a spin off of my love of shaping both surfboard & skimboards. My other love is music. I play several musical instruments, including harmonica, guitar, drums, saxophone and I love to play loud. In the 70’s our band Zeus, formerly known as Brass Knuckles, opened for Max Webster and Trooper.

I am really looking forward to the World Round-Up and meeting Russ Howell and Rodney Mullen, two of my favourite freestyle skaters.


2007 Tofino Canada Day Contest: 3rd Place
1986 TransWorld Skateboard Championships: 26th Place Amateur