Bruno França

Bruno Franca
From: Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil
Division: Amateur Division
Sponsored by: Dropp Street Wear, UseJWhite
Age:  36
Skating:  14 years

I was 23 when I started skating, rather late in life but it’s never too late for a good thing. Since my brothers and I started a clothing store I had to focus on the business and my job and put skating on the back burner for a while. Then one day I watched a video called “Globe Opinion” and was blown away by Rodney Mullen’s skating, in fact I couldn’t get that video out of my mind. It was like love at first sight and brought a new sense of wonderment into my life and a desire to learn freestyle tricks. My mentors are of course Rodney Mullen, and old school skaters like Don Brown, Primo Desidério and Matt Wood. When I’m not skating or running our family clothing store, I love to swim, go to the movies and play my electric, acoustic and bass guitars. I even try to sing a bit, note I said try. Ha Ha

Saw on the internet the other day that Canada is celebrating it’s 150th Birthday in July, not bad, but the little town of Sorocaba where I come from is 362 years old. It’s a pretty little city with lots of points of interest for tourists and a large skateboard population, but only one freestyle skater, me.

I am really excited about coming to Canada to compete at the World Round-Up because this is the greatest freestyle competition in the world. For me it will be an honor to get this experience meet and skate with so many freestyle heroes and other incredible competitors from many countries. I think this is a great opportunity for growth not only as an athlete but also as a person.


2013 Brazilian Freestyle Championships – 1st Place Am