Andy Anderson

From: White Rock, Canada
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by: Powell Peralta, Bones Bearings, DC Shoes, Gullwing Trucks, Skull Skates, Vulcan Bolts, Killian Clothing
Age:  20
Skating:  15 years

Well if you’ve ever met Andy, you know he is one of the nicest guys around and also one of the best skateboarders in the Lower Mainland. He can skate anything, and does skate everything. From big bowls, to little ramps, barricades and street rails, to even being on a Freestyle Skate Demo Team with the Legendary Kevin Harris – and all on his custom shaped old school deck. You will know Andy because he is the guy wearing the helmet. Recently he was approached by a skateboard manufacture to do an ad for them but they told him he had to ditch the helmet. “Bummer, I’ve worn my helmet for so long and I’ve gotten as far as I have with my helmet that for me to take it off now would be stupid”.

Recently he had the opportunity to go to India to put on demos for Active8 Sports in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. It was a bit of a cultural shock but wherever he went he felt at home with the skaters, and one in particular. “Kima Ralte is this young 15 year old kid I did demos with, that has the style of Rodney with the tricks of Kilian and flow of Kevin Harris. He is ammmmmmmmazing and he is coming to this years World Round-Up.

Skating with Kevin Harris has really helped Andy with his freestyle skating, each year processing up the ladder until taking 1st place at last years World Freestyle Round-Up. George Powell was so taken with Andy’s skating style that he sponsored him on the spot. Later when Stacy Peralta had had a chance to meet and see Andy skate he said this about him. “There are so many within the skateboarding world who look at skating as a religion which must be practiced to exacting and specific standards; you must conform and ride this type of terrain, you must conform and do these types of tricks, you must not mix this style with that style, you must look this way or else etc. And then once in a while a skater like Andy comes along who doesn’t fit into this fanatical mold, a skater who is such an outsider himself that he doesn’t even fit into skateboarding. He doesn’t fit in because he’s not following it’s false mandates. What Andy is doing is living the creed of what a skateboarder is supposed to be. He’s not conforming nor is he looking for acceptance from conforming, and with that he’s accepting the grief and exclusion that comes with being a true outsider. That is what a real skateboarder is”.


2015 World Freestyle Round-Up: 1st place Amateur
2014 World Freestyle Round-Up: 3rd place Amateur
2014 Boardr Am Series: 32nd place Amateur
2013 World Freestyle Round-Up: 3rd place Amateur
2012 World Freestyle Round-Up: 5th place Amateur