Andreas C. Tsougrianis

Andreas Tsougrianis
From: Richmond, B.C., Canada
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by: Chance Skateboards, Savant Clothing
Age:  29
Skating:  15 years

I love anything that keeps me active and as a 13 year old was involved with lots of different sports. But when I found skateboarding, it pretty much took over my whole life. Coming from an old school greek family, my parents were not happy about my decision to give up everything else and just skateboard. They did not understand or like it, but they did not stop me from doing it. As the years went by they started understanding how much it meant to me. To this day I am so thankful I found it, I really don’t know what I would do without it.

After high school I got a job doing hard labour and was able to save up a bunch of money. I like to keep in good shape so I don’t drink and party, I also started reading lots articles about health and went to the gym to get in better shape for skateboarding. If I see that there is something that can help me with skateboarding, i’m all about it. I also love music and because I took piano lessons for 10 years I can play the piano. Another hobby I have, is my Instagram Channel, Madgreek_dre, which I try and post something every day on. It’s like my Journal and Trick List Book were I feature short films on how to do tricks.

I’m a huge Skate Rat and don’t really like to label myself as street skater, or a freestyler or any other type of skater. I’m just a skateboarder who loves all types of skating. I like to be openminded to all this sport has to offer, thats how you learn more tricks and how you excel as a skateboarder. I head about the World Freestyle Round-Up from my friends who kept telling me I should enter, but I never did. But since one of my mentors is Rodney Mullen, who excels in both Street and Freestyle, I decided to give it a try this year. I am looking forward to having fun at the contest, learning from others and meeting new people to skate with. I have also been influenced by Daewon Song, Chris Haslam and Wade Desarmo, but if I see a kid at the skatepark pull of a cool trick I’m like, “Dang I wanna try that.”


Although I have won several Game Of Skate Contests, this will be my first freestyle contest, wish me luck.