Alex Foster

From: Bolton, England
Division: Am Division
Sponsored by:
Age:  28
Skating:  13 years

I skated a bit of everything back when I first started skateboarding but I was really drawn to freestyle by the thriving online community and the wide range of online videos available. It was after watching the British Freestyle Championships back in 2004 that I really started pursuing freestyle and since then I haven’t really looked back. I always looked up to the top British freestylers when I was first starting out; guys like Tony Gale, and Callum Bowran who still inspire me to this day. Then in 2009, Darran Nolan messaged me to say there was a freestyle contest at the NASS festival and I should come; so I did. I came dead last in the contest, but it awoke something in me. I had a compelling urge to stick with skating, and come last again, as often as possible, all over the world.

I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a degree in MEdia Production and Technology and make a living as a copywriter at a business brokerage company. In addition to freestyle skateboarding (of course), I enjoy filming and editing skate videos, researching and archiving the history of freestyle contests, eating excessive amounts of junk food and playing too many video games; particularly Skate 3 and Pokemon.

In 2013 I formed a website with articles, freestyle history and videos from around the freestyle world to pitch in and try to do my bit to support the freestyle community. Over the years that followed, with my partner Tasha and friends Chris, Adam, Callum, Matt and Tony, we’ve held contests, demos and jams across the UK, helped up and coming freestylers, been filming all over Europe and even hosted our very own UK Round-Up. Visiting last year’s World Round Up was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life and one that I couldn’t wait to repeat. The event is incredibly special to me, especially having watched it each year without fail and marvelled at the talent on display, because it’s a fantastic opportunity to hang out with the international freestyle family. As much as I love competing, it’s the time spent with the other freestylers that I cherish the most and I encourage everyone out there to make the trip out to the World Round Up.


2016 Paderborn BBQ Skateboard Contes: 6th Place Pro/Am
2016 World Freestyle Round-Up: 15th Place Amateur
2015 UK Round-Up: 5th Place Pro/Am
2015 Paderborn BBQ Skateboard Contest: 7th Place Amateur
2014 Paderborn BBQ Skateboard Contest: 12th Place Amateur
2013 World Championships: 4th Place Amateur
2011 NASS UK Freestyle Championships: 9th Place Pro-Am
2009 NASSA European Freestyle Championships: 9th Place Pro-Am