SKATE-4-FUN After Party

2016 WRU after party_may-24-2016_small

Talk about your Red Letter Day! The last day of the World Freestyle Round-Up is always about just having fun, from
holding the exciting speciality events, to watching the insane antics in the WORST TRICK Contest. Although the
contest officially ends at 5 p.m. everyone, both staff and contestants, help to break-down the site. What took Monty
and his crew 3 1/2 days to put up is all taken down in 1 hour and stored in boxes for next year. A Big Thank You to
everyone who helped clean up.

It was then off to the Henry Candioti SKATE-4-FUN After Party at the Holiday Inn where we feasted on a buffet dinner
from the Charcoal and Woodz Restaurant. The evening was full of fun skits, videos, prize draws, and awards
presented to all the staff including the contest judges who helped out. Our host, Alejandro Candioti, was on hand to
make a special presentation to Kevin Harris who received the Henry Candioti BEST STYLE LIFETIME AWARD. He
also handed out a special SKATE-4-FUN T-Shirt to all the contestants and staff. Then Gerry Spielmacher from the
Cloverdale Rodeo & Country Fair announced that they will sponsor the 2017 World Freestyle Round-Up, May 19 to
22, 2017. So be sure to put those dates on your calendar and start saving your pennies.
The long awaited moment finally came when we drew the winning ticket for the coveted Rodney Mullen Freestyle
Deck, but then something unexpected happened. George Powell had sent an e-mail to Kevin Harris to read at the
event after Rodney’s deck had been presented to the lucky winner.

In Georges words: “Congratulations to you all. I am sorry to not have been able to join you this year, but I send you
my greetings and best wishes. Everyone who follows their heart to pursue their dreams in a loving and creative way,
inspire all those who come in contact with them. As the elite members of a skating discipline of the heart, I thank you
for being a beacon of light and an on-ramp to skateboarding for those who watch you in wonder and admiration. It is
my pleasure and honour to present you with a symbol of your creativity, discipline, and joy, a classic Rodney Mullen
freestyle deck with his classic graphic by Vernon Courtland Johnson. Rodney was not the first to choose freestyle, but
he soon took up the mantle of leadership and the joy of creation to become the most famous member of this special
group. May you all continue to enjoy skateboarding, and experience the growth, joy and rewards that it offers those
who love and practice it.”